Corporate Events

Corporations of all kinds plan meetings, events and other activities for employees and clients. Because each function requires extensive planning, employers often use the services of corporate event planners to coordinate every detail of these large functions from conception to completion. Before an event, corporate event planners work with the clients sponsoring the function to understand their needs and financial budget for the event. They suggest dates, timelines and plan the scope of the event. Corporate event planners select several locations, receive bids from vendors, coordinate travel arrangements, overnight accommodations and other services. They prepare reports for clients regarding budgets, pricing and the event’s activities.

Our Services

  • Annual Function & Exhibitions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Press Conference & Seminars
  • Workshop & Training
  • Venue Selection And Invitations
  • Decoration
  • Hospitality And Logistics
  • Photos And Videos
  • Entertainment
  • Dresscode
  • Brand Activation
  • Trade Shows
  • MICE
  • Stalls And Public Events
  • Corporate Lunch & Dinner
  • Festivals

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